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Welcome to the Clinic of Professor O.M. Feskov — a home in which new lives have been born for 26 years.

More than 52 countries around the world have babies born as a result of our successful IVF programs.

Starting as a clinic for reproductive medicine and a center for the treatment of female and male infertility, today we are becoming a multidisciplinary medical institution in which the health of the family remains in the first place.

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IVF Center of reproductive medicine of professor Feskov O.M. ® (Kharkov, Kiyv) offers the treatment of infertility of all types for women and men. Own scientific development and researches in the field of treatment of infertility make our IVF Center of one of the most effective IVF centers in the CIS.

Our center of human reproduction of professor Feskov O.M. ® settles down in the specialized building designed and built taking into account requirements for effective work of the center of IVF reproduction on treatment of infertility. We offer the patients the newest techniques of treatment which efficiency in the solution of problems of reproductive system is the highest.
In the IVF complex of the center of infertility work:

The diagnostic office allowing to define the reason of impossibility of approach or incubation of pregnancy. Diagnostics of existence of sexually transmitted infections, passability of uterine tubes, determination of fertility of the husband, genetic analyses of spouses and so forth is carried out. The sparing and painless tool researches are conducted. The integrated approach, applied by experts of our center of a reproduction and fertilization allows to define the infertility reasons in a concrete case and to develop strategy of a solution.

The medical office allows to realize the individual scheme of treatment for overcoming of infertility. Within the IVF medical procedures the center of professor Feskov O.M. operates with modern techniques with application of the latest hardware decisions. In particular, our experts carry out extracorporal fertilization, apply ICSI, IMSI and PICSI innovative technologies to define the most full-fledged spertmatozoid for fertilization, technique of cultivation of embryos in time lapse system, laser hetching, preimplantation genetic diagnostics with definition of possible chromosomal violations and a sex of future baby, cryopreservation of embryos and so forth. Use of these techniques by specialists of the center of reproduction allow qualitatively solve objectives on overcoming of infertility of the heaviest forms with a high share of efficiency.

Our center of human reproduction is a comfort of the European clinic and the safe advanced equipment. The professional team is made by professors of medicine, candidates of medical and biological sciences, the acting members of the international and Ukrainian organizations of planning the family and cases of human reproduction. During 26 years our experienced team gave help to hundreds of families from Ukraine and the CIS which could find happiness of a full-fledged family.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone +44 800 069 86 90 +44 800 069 86 90
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