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About Us
Director of the center Feskov Alexander Mikhailovich
Feskov Alexander Mikhailovich Director of the center

A team approach is at the heart of all medical processes. From the very beginning of the clinic's work to the present day, the principles of personnel selection for the clinic remain unchanged. I prefer to recruit talented youth and "grow" according to our requirements. Executive, proactive and able to work in a team. Today they all have already taken place as specialists and I can confidently talk about a strong cohesive team of professionals working in the clinic

Direction and values

Team of professionals

Clinic history

Our mission

Our mission is simple and clear – we want a healthy child to be born in every family that wants to become parents.

Here you will find modern and comfortable conditions, safe advanced equipment and an individual approach to each patient. Each of the doctors of the Center for Human Reproduction “Clinic of Professor A. Feskov.” – an experienced professional whose knowledge, talent and skills are accumulated over 25 years of the clinic’s work.

Clinic values

1The birth of a healthy baby

If this matches your desire, then you've come to the right place. For this we work every day on the quality of services and professional development of specialists. We apply the latest treatment methods and update equipment.


We value time and firmly believe that timely diagnosis can prevent the development of diseases, and conscious planning of pregnancy will help avoid problems with its onset. And even if these problems do arise, it is important to start solving them as early as possible.


Each treatment history is unique. For 25 years of practice, we have made sure of this for sure. There are quick and relatively easy stories, there are stories that last several years. Each of them is a challenge, an opportunity to share experiences and prove that infertility can be overcome.


We know how hard it is to win, so we are ready to support you with information at every stage of your treatment. We are in touch with you: call-center, reception, attending physician and all those who are not indifferent to the result of your treatment. And you can contact us in any convenient way: by phone, through the website, in social media accounts.


We value patient feedback. Thanks to you, we know how to develop further. The clinic of Professor Feskov is always open to dialogue. You can leave your review, share your impression, give advice here or by e-mail comment@feskov.com.ua

6Reaching the goal

Infertility is surmountable and there are many ways for this. There are no two identical cases, therefore, there is no universal “pill for infertility”. What will be the way to overcome - you decide. And we will offer options.

Direction of activity

Department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and IVF
Department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and IVF

The heart of the clinic, in which new lives are born. Where reproductive doctors are guides to a new life, and embryologists are the creators of this life. Their arsenal includes knowledge and experience, advanced safety equipment, continuous improvement of skills to overcome male and female infertility and the birth of new lives. Patients can go all the way from diagnosing the causes of infertility to pregnancy.

Eco program results
Women's consultation
Women's consultation

A place where pregnancy is respected. Where pregnancy monitoring is a comfortable period without queues and fuss. Registration of an exchange card, necessary examinations, scheduled examinations and qualified prenatal diagnostics in one place. Attention to the history of a woman and her path to pregnancy makes it possible to successfully manage pregnant women with a burdened obstetric, somatic, and gynecological anamnesis.

More about the direction
Department of surgical treatment methods
Department of surgical treatment methods

Conducts more than 1500 operations per year in the following areas: gynecology, urology and andrology, general surgery, plastic surgery. Highly qualified specialists and wide equipment of the operating room provide the ability to perform operations of any degree of complexity. In the postoperative period, all patients are accommodated in comfort-level wards and are under round-the-clock medical supervision.

More about the direction

Conducts consultations, diagnostics and treatment in the following areas: endocrinology, mammology, gynecology, urology, therapy, psychotherapy, dermatology, pediatric gynecology and urology. You can conduct an ultrasound of internal organs, instrumental diagnostics by convenient appointment. Our own clinical diagnostic and genetic laboratories conduct a wide range of studies.

More about hiring specialists
Aesthetic medicine
Aesthetic medicine

Limitless possibilities of the latest techniques that allow you to prolong youth and improve your external data. The fundamental difference between the clinic's cosmetology and salons is the approach to the skin as an organ, and to the patient as a whole organism. Cosmetology in the center of reproduction "Clinic of Professor AM Feskov" ® is: - highly qualified doctors; - the best of modern cosmetology equipment; - European quality of service

Go to the website of the department of aesthetic medicine

Our team

The team has evolved over the years. Each employee of the clinic harmoniously combines human and professional qualities, because a successful treatment result requires the qualifications of a doctor and empathy for the patient and his problem. We are also called a team because not a single important decision in a patient’s medical situation is made alone. The team approach in work and daily mini-consultations allow eliminating the mistake of one person and choosing the optimal treatment tactics for patients. Doctors who have been with us since the foundation of the clinic and have more than 20 years of experience pass on their experience to young specialists who came to the team right from the student’s bench. Giving experience, we get fresh and creative solutions in return. This process is continuous, because by teaching, we learn ourselves. The team has won thousands of victories – these are thousands of children born into families who have turned to us. The team of Professor Feskov’s clinic is a family, a family that we are proud of.

Our medical team is:

History of the Reproduction Center "Clinic of Professor AM Feskov" ®


2017 г

Opening of the branch Clinic of Professor A.M. Feskov, Kiev


2016 г

A new generation NGS sequencing method has been introduced, which makes it possible to identify small structural chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo and to exclude the phenomenon of mosaicism at the pre-implantation stage.

Accompanying pregnant women before childbirth.


2015 г

Pregnancy obtained by double vitrification.

The most modern PGD methods with the use of a-CGH DNA microarrays have been introduced into wide practice in order to identify anomalies of the embryo karyotype before implantation.


2014 г

A.M. Feskov’s report at the 30th ESHRE Annual Meeting, Munich, Germany.

A method has been developed to improve embryo implantation using mononuclear blood cells, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy in cryoprotocols, as well as in patients over 37 years old.

The method of searching and isolating spermatozoa from fragments of testicular tissue obtained by microTESE has been mastered.


2013 г

US patent US 61 / 629,651 “Method of stabilized reproduction for treatment of reduced fertility women with irregularity of immune reaction” was revoked.

Feskov O.M. і Feskova I.A. passed the new course in London for the special business program “Efficient management of reproduction clinic. The UK experience “.


2012 г

The method of timelapse monitoring of the embryos has been developed into the laboratory of DRT, which allows one hour to assess the morphology and dynamics of the development of the embryo (morphokinetics) from the most important chilines of their education.


2011 г

Opening of a new building of the Center for Human Reproduction.

Patent application № 013 / 655,257 “Method of in vitro fertilization with delay of peripheral blood mononuclear cells” accepted.

Opening of a modern equipped department of aesthetic medicine.

Diploma of the international competition “Infoinvent”.


2010 г

Work has begun to preserve fertility in cancer patients.


2008 г

Birth of the first child after PGD diagnosis.

The design of a new clinic building has begun.


2006 г

The embryology department is equipped with a laser system for manipulation of sperm and embryos.


2005 г

The first pregnancy in the program using donor eggs, surrogacy.


2004 г

Received a patent for the invention: “Means for the treatment of endocrinological infertility.”

Protection Blazhko OV Candidate’s dissertation on “Hormonal and immunological disorders in women with endocrine infertility and methods of their non-drug correction.” Birth of the first child after cryopreservation of embryos.


2003 г

Birth of the first child after IVF, first pregnancy after ICSI.


2000 г

Received a declaratory patent for the invention: “Means for the treatment of anovulatory infertility.” Defense of the candidate’s dissertation Feskova IA Topic: “The effect of subclinical hypothyroidism on follicle-forming ovarian function in women with endocrine infertility.”

Feskov OM and Feskova IA received a declaratory patent for the invention: “A tool for diagnosing endometrial polyps.”


1995 г

Establishment of the enterprise LLC “Sana-Med” on the basis of the clinic “Sana”, Kharkiv, st. Pushkinskaya, 43


1995 г

Birth of the first child in Ukraine after the IVF program.

Performers: Dakhno FV, Pinyaev VI, Feskov OM, Lutska LI


1991 г

Birth of the first child in Ukraine after the IVF program.

Performers: Dakhno FV, Pinyaev VI, Feskov OM, Lutska LI


1984 г

For the first time in Ukraine, in vitro fertilization of a female egg was obtained.


1980 г

On the basis of the problem laboratory of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Kharkiv Medical Institute, work on IVF was started under the guidance of Academician VI Grishchenko.

Performers: Dakhno FV, Reznikov VA, Feskov OM

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone +44 800 069 86 90 +44 800 069 86 90
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