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Egg donation

A donor oocytes (eggs) is used when patient’s ovaries do not produce their own ovaries because of different reasons or when repeated attempts of artificial fertilization ended in failure. Egg donation is also used in medicine if there is a risk to transmit hereditary deceases to a child.

Who can be an egg donor?

An egg donor can become a woman aged 20 to 32, who is physically and mentally healthy. The egg donation program is absolutely anonymous. Spouses, who use donor ova, can see donor’s photos and are informed about such characteristics as height, weight, color of hair and eyes, blood group, and rhesus-factor, nationality, whether a donor has a family and children.
It is desirable that a recipient (a patient, who uses donor eggs) is a woman aged to 50. An oocyte donor receives no information about recipient.

When is egg donor used?

Indications for conducting in-vitro fertilization using donor oocyte are the following:

  • Absence of oocyte because of such reasons as natural menopause, premature ovary failure syndrome, uterine appendages ablation;
  • If a patient has a gene with mutation and sex-linked hereditary diseases;
  • In-vitro fertilization attempts that ended in failure, low reaction of ovaries for ovulation induction, numerous receiving of low quality embryos.

Volume of examination for an egg donor

1. Therapist’s report;
2. Clinical blood analysis;
3. HIV, RW, hepatitis B, C;
4. Blood group, rhesus-factor;
5. Microscopy of discharge;
6. Cytology;
7. Gynaecological examination;
8. Pelvic ultrasound.

And specific analysis. Know more about Guarantee programs with egg donation on the website Feskov Human Reproduction Group


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