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ICSI method – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

ICSI is the procedure when the single spermatozoa is injected inside the oocytes. The ICSI method is used in the case of male infertility. The spermatozoa is chosen according to the morphology criteria. ICSI is one of the variants of the in vitro fertilization methods.

Method of ICSI is used when:

• there are no spermatozoa in the ejaculate (azoospermia);
• there is a low spermatozoa concentration – less then 2 mln/ml (oligozoospermia);
• there is a little amount of active spermatozoa (asthenozoospemia);
• there are less then 5 % of spermatozoa with the good morphology (theratozoospermia);
• there is no fertilization in the case of basic IVF method.

The ICSI technique

The ICSI procedure is done at the day when oocytes are received (or at the next day). ICSI may take a place with the oocytes which reach the M II stage of development (the oocytes with the first polar bodies).
The spermatozoa are received from ejaculate or by method of operation. With the help of micromanipulators the best spermatozoa is chosen. With the help of special ICSI needle spermatozoa is injected inside the oocytes. The fertilization is received by such way. The fertilization is received in the 20 – 60 % of oocytes. There are some cases when fertilization is not received. It depends on the oocytes quality and on the hardships which can take place during ICSI procedure. ICSI procedure cannot predict chromosomal anomalies in the spermatozoa.

Conditions of ICSI success

  • Getting of spermatozoa with motion.
  • High quality of oocytes



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